Subject RE: [firebird-support] Batch insert performance
Author Leyne, Sean

> I am getting about 1e6 rows/hr

That works out to 277 rows per second.

That not terrible, but I have seen better.

Are there any triggers firing for the inserts?

How big is an average rows? How many fields?

> The insert is being done in a loop
> with a prepared statement before any indexes are created.

Well your on the right track, indexing can make things real slow.

> Would
> batching the inserts improve things?

How often are you committing the rows?

> (This is with FB2 RC3, but I am hoping the answer is more general.)

The only thing that FB2 has changed which would affect insert
performance, is the new ODS structure for the indexing data, which would
make the process slightly slower as the structure has more pages to

(This slow down on inserts pays significant dividends later on SELECT
statements, which can run much faster due to the new structure)