Subject RE: [firebird-support] trouble compiling custom collation
Author Paul Beach
> we're currently trying to write a custom collation for firebird and
> what we've found on the net is this:
> The file contains a paper on how to write a custom collation, a
> sample gdsintl2.dll and its source code.
> The sample gdsintl2.dll works just fine after changing the name of
> gdsintl2.dll to fbintl2.dll but when building the file ourselves from
> the included source code, we're running into the following problem:
> The makefile seems to be written for an older version of the Borland
> Command Line Tools, one that uses tlink32 as a linker instead as
> ilink32 (which the current version 5.5 uses).
> So what we did we just changed tlink32 to ilink32 in the makefile.
> But then the linker complains it doesn't know the -inq option
> included in the makefile. After removing this option, the source
> compiles and links but the resulting gdsintl2.dll is unusable.
> We were'nt able to find any older version of the command line tools
> on the net where tlink32 is still used; what we did find was just a
> single tlink32.exe file which we just copy into the bin directory of
> the CLT's and changed the name of the linker in the makefile back
> into tlink32 and reactivated the -inq option. But this doesn't work
> either...
> Does anyone know what to do in order to compile the source correctly?

A little out of date, although generally valid. A read of this would
probably be more helpful.