Subject Re: [IBO] Problem using locate
Author Florian Hector
John Costanzo schrieb:
> Hello Jay:
> Thanks for the tip about datasource.ondatachange. I will try it.=20=20
> As far as my particular application goes, the client wants it to=20
> work exactly as the Paradox version works, thuis forcing me to do=20
> lookups into the 3 million+ file. I will keep messing weith this in=20
> my spare time but for now it looks like I will have to stick with=20
> the BDE/Paradox version since it runs circles around the IBO version.

I still cannot understand how the data is inserted without referencing the amounts owned to an
already existing person in the database. If I understand you correctly, once I have chosen a name,
the application shows me not only Smith from Tallahassee but also Smit from Chicago.

Anyway, why don't you insert an additional field with the soundex of a name into both tables. After
the user has selected a person, the app can query the big table for all persons with the same
soundex, thus showing not only Smith but also Smit and Smiths and ...

If you are not familiar with soundex, there was a similar discussion a few weeks ago about a similar

Good luck