Subject UDP Transport
Author Noel Kelly

We are running an Firebird database across a couple of VPNs. One VPN
has a round trip of 20ms and the other 115ms.

Obviously the quicker round trip is more responsive but the slower one
is far far too slow. Looking at the traffic I can see that there are
many packets flying back and forth across the connections.

The db client developer has tried turning off a lot of the 'auto'
lookups etc which were being done but the slow link is still
incredibly slow (a 1sec response on the quicker link becomes a 15sec
response on the slower link).

Since the link is reliable, it occurred to me that we could speed
things up by reducing the TCP overhead and using UDP as the transport.

I can't find anything in the docs about altering the transport for a
Windows based Firebird server/client. Does anyone have any ideas or