Subject Re: Face Firebird 1.5.3 performance problem with Intel Core 2 + Windows 2003
Author Adam
--- In, Milan Babuskov <milanb@...>
> flipmooooo wrote:
> > I finally solved the problem. After reading Chau Chee Yang message
> > about the Domain Controller issue on Win2003. I googled it
> > and 'TcpAckFrequency' came up. I added the new value
> > to the registry and have set it to 1. After reboot our Win2003 2.4
> > machine finally outperforms my slow Win2000 900 Mhz.
> >
> > Links:
> >
> >
> > Subkey:
> >
> > terfaces\<Interface GUID>
> > Entry: TcpAckFrequency
> > Value Type: REG_DWORD, number
> > Valid Range: 0-255
> > Default: 2
> Could we this be added to release notes or wherever?

Possibly you could make a post to

I have not had a chance to review the MS KB article to see how it is
relevant, but I am glad that it appears to have been the solution for
at least one of the posters.

Neither poster has narrowed down to the specific operations that seem
to take a while in the absense of this setting, so it would still be
interesting to know why this particular TCP/IP configuration setting
has such an effect on win2003 yet has not been an issue on prior versions.

> The solutions to such specific problems always tend to get lost and
> e-mail archive is usually the last place to look.

Agreed. The yahoo message search has improved, but it is still quite