Subject Re: client/server <--> embedded problems
Author martinalex3232
--- In, "giannifilippone"
<giannifilippone@...> wrote:
> Hello Group,
> I am trying to switch from/to client/server <--> embeddeb
> firebird 2.0;
> I get the error :
> "unsupported on-diskstructure for file : c:\my_db.fdb;
> found 32779.10, support 0.3. error code -820
> wrong or obsolete version"
> The DB is running correctly in client/server version,


which Firebird version do you use for Server and for Embedded?
2.0 is not precise enough.

The On Disk Structure is an indicator which shows how data is stored
physically on disk.
You can check ODS for a database with GSTAT with the following

gstat -h <path-to-database> -user sysdba -password masterkey

one line in the report is
ODS version 10.1
ODS version 11.0

10.1 was used for FB 1.5 and 11.0 is used now, definitely since FB
2.0 RC 3. This switch was only recently, I don't know which release
implemented ODS 11.

I had the same error once. I had created a new database with FB 2.0
server and could not read it with FB 2.0 embedded.
Simple reason, I used an older version for embedded.

Make sure that you are using the same version for embedded and