Author Antti Nivala
Alan McDonald wrote:

> I've been using the services manager a lot (testing) and
> haven't made it crash yet.

Me too. I've been using the same calling code for months (or years)
without problems. But suddenly it is leading into a crash in FB 2.0 RC3
and RC4 on Windows Server 2003 (running in VMware Server). It is working
fine on other platforms.

I am using Firebird Embedded. The calling code is available for

The crash does not occur in the calling code's thread. It occurs in a
different thread which I assume is started by FB to execute the service
asynchronously. The crash occurs soon after the isc_service_start call
or after the isc_service_query call.

When I debugged through the code of alice.cpp it seemed to me that the
output_file member of tdgbl is not properly initialized but is
nevertheless used in the if clause prior to the fclose call that causes
the crash.

I have almost zero experience with FB code so I might not be seeing
everything I should. Can you tell me where tdgbl->output_file is
initialized? What is this tdgbl->output_file? Can I affect its value or
the value of tdgbl->sw_redirect by changing the way I call the Services
API? (Relevant FB RC4 code: alice.cpp, common_main, line 617).