Subject Re: GBAK Restore hangs Firebird 1.5 before finishing and going home
Author davidrevill69
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> >I am not sure if this topic got posted as I recived an email error
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> > > We have been trying to run an automatic restore of our Firebird
> > > Database using a batch file run as a scheduled task on a Win2003
> > > server.With verbose output redirected to a file the restore runs
> >until
> > > just before the 'Finishing and going home message'.
> > >
> > > At this point FBserver becomes unresponsive (0% CPU in Task
> >manager),
> > > the guardian will not terminate it and it cannot be stopped in
> > > service control window. The only recovery is to kill the
process in
> >the
> > > task manager.
> > >
> > > The database appears to have restored ok, but I do not want to
> >trust it.
> Does it do the last bit (which you think is a problem) if you run
> with the "no garbage collection" (-g) switch? If it doesn't, then
> suggest you either start doing a regular manual sweep (which can be
> nightly batch job) or else you let gbak finish doing its Good
> Stuff. The benefit of daily sweeping would be that you can let
> backup focus just on backing up and ignore garbage.
> In any case, it's not a great idea to try to kill the server when
> it's busy doing GC. The garbage collector's work will get rolled
> back and the *same* garbage, plus more, will be there next time a
> task runs.
> If it seemed not to be so in the past, it's possibly time you
> reviewed your application's transaction handling. It's not a cosy
> situation when you get to the point where garbage is accumulating
> faster than the engine can clean it up.
> btw, I thought I saw a similar reponse to this from Dmitry S. last
> ./heLen

Thanks Helen, but I am unsure of the significance of the -g switch on
a restore. If the backup was run with garbage collection on , what
garbage is there for the restore process to tidy up?

The restore completes successfully on an apparently identical win2003
server using the same backup file, but on our live server Fbserver
apprears to be doing nothing (for serveral hours) and cannot be