Subject Re: Is there transaction logging in FireBird?
Author Adam
--- In, Vlad Orlovsky <vmo3d@...> wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I'm using embedded Firebird for my .NET 2.0 project
> and was wondering if there is a 'transaction log' that
> is kept inside the .fdb file?

There is no explicit transaction log as with other databases. The
different versions of the record are kept in the database against the
respective recods. This means that there is an instant recovery in the
case that a database crashes, not a slow recovery process.

> If so, is there a way to turn off transaction logging
> from .NET 2.0 provider or inside the SP?

No, all activity in the database occurs under the context of a

> The reason I ask is because I use some tables to
> temporary store A LOT of data and I'm not using
> transactions in those cases.

Perhaps external tables may help, otherwise you can use a real table
with CURRENT_TRANSACTION as a key. This context variable is available
everywhere and can easily distinguish which records your given
transaction is interested in.

Temporary tables are in the roadmap.