Subject Re: Using Database in Other Computer
Author Adam
--- In, "eray_ince" <eray_ince@...>
> I use firebird-embedded, what should i install other machine to use my
> program.
> I install client, firebird but it didnt ok?
> What should I do use my program that is use firebird embedded?

If you screw a screw into a block of wood, you do not use a hammer.
Use the right tool. Embedded has three main restrictions that makes it
inappropriate for your application.

1. Only a single process can connect at a time.
2. The database must reside on a drive physically attached to the
machine your application is running on.
3. Security is bypassed.

The most similar in behaviour to embedded is SuperServer. It just
needs to be installed on the machine that contains the database.
Client machines then use the client library to connect to the server.
With embedded, your connection string is probably something like

This will need to be modified to include the hostname of the machine
hosting the database, something like 'server:c:\data\MyDB.fdb'. While
you are reading up on the basics of which to use, take a look at
aliases as well.