Subject Database problem(s)
Author Zoran Zivkovic
Hi All,

About 40 days a go (my post dated, with subject "Reached the
end of the file ???"), we had database crash with data loss. Just for
reminder, it is IB Yesterday, guy who is incharged for
backup of database said he can't do backup. So we made a "copy-paste"
backup, after shuting down IB server. Today, when I validated
database, I received folowing errors:

index page errors: 328
database page errors: 4923.

I couldn't do backup of the database with "garbage colection on"
becasue I was receiveing error:

database file appears corrupt()
wrong page type
page 75138 is of wrong type(expected 7, found5)
gds_$receive failed.

So, I made a backup of database without garbage colection, and than
sucesfully restored it to a new database file.
Is this OK, regarding data integrity?

I have only 2 ideas why this is happening now, and we didn't have
such a problems before:
1) Hardware problem (this should be out of topic in this group, I
2) "Massive" deletes and inserts every morning on one table (this is
the table where backup failed) - aprox 70.000 records now (and more
every next morning). It seems that this causses some problems to
database file.

Or maybe, my problems are mix of 1) and 2), ?

Anyay, I would appreciate if someone could answer my questions, and
also comment my toughts.