Subject Re: Help with firebird on linux...
Author killerion
>You also don't say *what* you are trying to install. Classic and
>Superserver are not the same....Fb 1.5 and Fb 2.0 are not the same....

sorry for the lack of info...
its Firebird 1.5 SuperServer

>>first the RPM bugs out on me... it enters an infinite cycle asking for
>>the SYSDBA password...

>What are you giving it as the SYSDBA password?

I never get to enter a password, it just repeats the question "Please
enter the new password for the SYSDBA user:" over and over enter
doesn't stop it... had to ctrl-c out

but the only real problem now is the RPM repeating the password
question (happens with classic and super server RPMs)since I realized
all the binaries are installed and the server is started... I tested a
remote conection to the employees.fdb and it worked... but it doesn't
connect locally...