Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Problem with Firebird over Internet
Author Nigel Weeks
> > Alternatively, do it all with Unix for free...but that'll
> > involve a re-write of your app...
> I can second the enthusiasm for terminal servers, I find them
> a great solution. But this last note needs comment...
> There are Linux based terminal server solutions that will run
> windows apps in Wine - even to the extent of supporting RDP
> and ICA clients. We tried it at a client of mine and it does
> work! There were issues (font matching and occassional
> glitches with Wine) but with more time I am sure it could have
> been done with reasonable satisfaction - and without rewriting
> the application (may have needed some adjustments to work in
> with Wine). This particular client dropped it because it was
> taking so much time to sort out and other priorities arose.

Excellent point! It can work(with a little massaging), but it's not as
instant a solution as a W2K TS.
Great to keep in mind though!