Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: running firebird without installing it
Author Lester Caine
Adam wrote:

> I don't have to worry about supporting anything prior to win2K, we use
> remote desktop from such clients.

I've still got Win3.1 systems in a couple of places. They just don't
show a date ;)

> What is so special about NT/NTFS combo that makes a backup more necessary?
Probably the thing you were hinting at.
I always kill Firebird before anything naughty such as copying a file,
but I would not trust NTFS to 'page' the file the same as the FAT32 copy
;) Come to think of it - these databases are probably still 1k pages :)
There were a few problems in the early days when machines were supplied
formated NTFS instead of FAT32 and backup/restore probably came in then.
Once you have something that works ......

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