Subject BackUp Question
Author Zile
Hi All,

I have one questions regarding regular backup of the
database. I decided to use "FIBS Firebird-Interbase
Backup Scheduler 2.0.2", as it seems as very good
solution to me. So I installed it on my PC. I
personally use FB 1.5.3 for development, and on our
company server we still keep IB 6.0.1. So, using
local(is it local?) gbak, I am making regular backups
on my pc of active database on the server. Can someone
confirm that these back-ups can be restored without
errors on IB 6.0.1. machine ?
OK, I am fully aware that we should change everything
to FB 1.5.3, but I am not the only one who is involved
in decision making.



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