Subject Update from firebird 1.53 to 2.0
Author send2iwan
Dear all,

I have a problem with this behavior, please help.

this statement works fine in firebird 1.53
select sright(CAST(1234 AS VARCHAR(4)),2) from rdb$database;

now fail please help. i want to know why?

thanks all.

statement below works fine.

--FBUDF_API paramdsc* right(paramdsc*, short* rl, paramdsc* rc)
declare external function sright
varchar(100) by descriptor, smallint,
varchar(100) by descriptor returns parameter 3
entry_point 'right' module_name 'fbudf';

select CAST(1234 AS VARCHAR(4)) from rdb$database;

select sright('1234',4) from rdb$database;