Subject Re: failed to establish a connection
Author Adam
--- In, Phil Donaldson <phild@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> When I try to connect to a firebird db on a remote server I get "Unable
> to complete network request to host x.x.x.x. failed to establish a
> connection"
> I was able to connect a few days ago and can't figure out what has
> The server I'm connecting to is a workmates PC in another suburb,
> connecting over the internet. Her firewall has a port forward for my IP
> address on port 3050.
> She can connect fine locally using ODBC and from IB Console using
> 192.168.x.x (her PC's IP address).
> I'm fairly sure the firewall is not getting in the way - if she removes
> the port forward the firewall log shows that the connection is being
> blocked.
> Both machines running "Firebird-"
> Can anyone suggest how I can identify where the connection is
failing or
> why?


telnet x.x.x.x 3050

If it goes blank, that is good. It it says connection refused, that
means the firewall is blocking it. The client machine does not need to
run the server install by the way.

It is windows, if it is XP SP2, then you will have two firewalls, one
which is her router, and one which is on the computer. You will need
to make an exception (just add port 3050 is the easiest).

Her ODBC connection may not even be going through the network.

Once you have figured it out, you should be aware that direct
connections to the database through the internet is a security risk. I
have been measuring recently the data throughput of an application I
have written, and I assure you that the Firebird over the wire
protocol uses a lot of pipe. A third party tool like Zebedee will
allow you to create a secure and compressed tunnel to make such
connections much safer.