Subject Re: Digest Number 4172
Author Adam
--- In, "Diego Gandino - FGKP
Software" <diegog@...> wrote:
> Support for users of Firebird/InterBaseI have a store procedure that
save data in one table. One of the fields is type date and allow nulls
values. When I trie to ejecute the SP with no data in this fields the
SP raise and error because it can convert the null value. I tried
passing the word 'null' and raise the same error. What value i have to
pass to the SP when the date value is null?
> Sorry if my english is not good enough, I'm writing from Argentina

What program are you executing the SP from? Try using iSQL first.
Also, make sure you are not quoting null, as that turns it into text.



If this does not fix the problem, you will need to post the exact
error message.