Subject setting column delimiters for iSql
Author Marvin
Hi guys,

I'm trying to write an extraction shell script that will be crontabbed
in a unix box. At certain days, it will extract out some data and save
them as a file via firebird's iSql.
Here's my problem.
Because the files extracted will be input for another program, i'l
need to format the search results in such that the columns are
seperated by a delimiter.


Currently, querying in iSql will give sth like

============================== ==========
UAT 02 uat02
UAT 03 uat03

Say i choose to use a # as my column delimeter, Is there a way i can
set iSql to return it as the following instead?

#UAT 02#uat02#
#UAT 03#uat03#

Thanks in advanced guys!