Subject Re: [firebird-support] Linux FB 2 SYSDBA not found
Author Thomas Miller
Thanks to both of you. By the way, I did read the release notes but
couldn't find it.and I remember someone else ask the same question a
couple of months back but couldn't fine it.

Thanks again.

Milan Babuskov wrote:
> Thomas Miller wrote:
>>> IB was installed first. It works fine. We even restored a test
>>> database. We then close down IB and start FB. When I try to remotely
>>> login as SYSDBA I get "Your user name and password are not defined. etc"
> Sounds like you're supplying wrong SYSDBA password. Why don't you first
> make it working on Linux using isql, and then try to connect from other
> machines.
> Martijn Tonies wrote:
>> On Linux, SYSDBA gets a generated password.
> Depends on the installation package. The .rpm package generates the
> password, and you can find it in /opt/firebird/SYSDBA.password file (or
> something like that). The .tar.gz package *asks* for sysdba password
> while installing.

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