Subject Linux FB 2 SYSDBA not found
Author Thomas Miller
I usually use FB on Windows, so this may be a dumb question. Let me
also give you some background so you can expand on something that I may
need to know, but don't know it yet.

Linux Centos server
FB Classic 2.0 RC3
Intebase 7.5
DBW is my DB dev tool

Currently the client is using Interbase 7.5 with limited success. I am
spear heading an effort to see if FB 2.0 can replace IB and add
stability and some additional speed.

IB was installed first. It works fine. We even restored a test
database. We then close down IB and start FB. When I try to remotely
login as SYSDBA I get "Your user name and password are not defined. etc"

Do I have to do something special to create the SYSDBA user? Is there
something else I am missing. This is a fresh install, so there
shouldn't be any issues with the security database.


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