Subject Re: Firebird Backup file in version 2 rc 2 is now nontransportable
Author Adam
> > 1) Use the gbak from FB 1.5 to create the backup file.
> step 1:
> Tried this approach:
> ISC ERROR CODE:335544379
> Unsupported on-disk structure for file D:\DATA.GDB; found 32779,
> support 10

You were using the 1.5.3 gbak client. Were you connecting to the 2.0

> > 2) Use a datapump tool (eg clevercomponents IBDatapump)
> We have databases of 150 GB a data pump just doesn't work here

I don't understand, what is the data pump doing that gbak is not?

> Shouldn't all backup files be compatible with each other?

Should an old version of the engine understand new features?

> Definitly the transportable ones should be.

Not sure whether transportable means this, or whether is takes into
account endian differences between different machines. Someone with
more knowledge may need to help you there, but from what I understand,
the 1.5.3 gbak SHOULD be able to back up a FB 2 structure providing
you have not been using new features the old engine just wont understand.