Subject How to store index to memory?
Author menjit_singh
hello everyone.

I have an application that uses Firebird embedded (fbclient.dll
v1.5). Some details:

-8 columns: (Stock symbol, stock name, date, open price, close price,
low price, high price, volume).
-Data updated daily (about 6000 stock symbol) and covers over 300
days data.
- i use index on stock symbol, stock name and date to increase speed
when doing query. It works fine for 90 days data but is very slow
when reaching 180 days data.

How do i maintain the query speed? I was thinking to load the index
information in memory so that it is faster. Can it be done? What is
the command to load index into memory (if any)?

I have not implemented primary key or foreign key simply because i
dont know how to do it.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.