Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB control panel not showing in Windows control panel
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Salvatore,

>> Another other thing: the applet that ships with Firebird 1.5 is
>> fully usable with Firebird 2.0 (the only change is that it formally
>> requires newer MS DLLs). You could copy it to your system dir
>> (under a modified name so as not to overwrite the 2.0 applet), see
>> if it shows up in the Control Panel, etc.

> useless, because also 1.5.3 installation didn't show the FB applet
> (1.5.3) in XP view, but only in classic view.

Ah yes, you already mentioned that. Sorry, must be the heat. Or
someone tampered with my coffee.

> At this point I suspect something has broken in the OS (registry).

Yes, I suppose it must be something like that. It looks more like a
Windows thing than a Firebird thing (although *something* in the
applet itself must trigger its appearance or non-appearance in the
XP-style Panel.)

Good luck,

Paul Vinkenoog