Subject FB control panel not showing in Windows control panel
Author Salvatore Besso
hello all,

maybe it's a bit off topic, but I can't figure out why it happens. I'm using
Windows XP Pro and FB 2.0 RC3 on both the desktop and the notebook, but the
problem on the desktop computer happens also with FB 1.5.3.

As you already know, the display policy of Windows XP control panel has
changed from previous OS's, and the Firebird control panel is accessible by
clicking on "Other control panel options", unless you have choosen the
"classic display" option.

Well, on the notebook the FB applet appears without any problem if I click
on "Other control panel options", while on the desktop it doesn't. I have to
specify that if I select the "classic display" option the FB applet is
there, but I was wondering why it doesn't appear in the standard mode.
Uninstallation and reinstallation of Firebird doesn't resolve the problem.
Is there any registry key/value to check for this?