Subject Dumb question of the day
Author David Montgomery

I've been using Firebird for years, but I have never had a need to
profile database activity before now. I'm trying to find a deadlock
in the production system that I can't reproduce in our test environment.

How the heck do other admins profile Firebird databases for
server-side activity? I've searched the newsgroups and Google with
zero success. It seems all Firebird profiling is done by the client
side of the connection (using tools like Jason Wharton's IB SQL
client), and even then the level of detail I can retrieve is very,
very limited. I can't believe I'm thinking this, but it would be
great if I was using SQL Server 2005 right now...

Do any admins have any suggested mechanisms for profiling Firebird
databases? Expanded logging? Anything?

Best Regards,

David Montgomery