Subject Re: [firebird-support] writing firebird applications in linux
Author Milan Babuskov
bill_lam wrote:
> I notice there are many components for writing applications for firebird, but
> most of them are for window only and more often for Delphi. There are Linux
> admin tools but you can not write applications using them.
> But it appears firebird is also widely installed under linux/unix. I am curious
> how applications are written for linux/firebird.

I mostly write web applications using PHP. You can good ADOdb and ezSQL
libraries (that work with other DBMSes as well), or you can use native
PHP ibase_* functions, which are also quite simple to use.

For GUI applications I use wxWidgets for interface (a library that can
use single code to produce executables on Linux, Windows, MacOSX,
FreeBSD, Solaris,...) and IBPP for connectivity. (I plan to do a session
about all this on Firebird Conference if it gets accepted). Besides
IBPP, you can use wxWidgets native wxDB classes which are similar to the
ones provided by Delphi and work via ODBC. I've chosen IBPP and I don't
care much about other DBMSes and want to have all FB features available.

I also created few console/terminal applications using ncurses and IBPP.

Beside all this, you can also use jdbc+java to create GUI/web apps. Then
there's wxPython and kinterbasd.

Options are many, but I still believe that most Linux installations just
use it to host the Firebird itself, and have Windows GUI clients
connecting to it. Perhaps this is a good topic for poll at FirebirdNews

Milan Babuskov