Subject Detailed information ==Problem in creating Stored Procedure ===
Hi All,

I am getting the same result set even by using stored procedures also.

Actually my requirement is Like this.

I have two tables

user_id varchar(80) ** not an INTEGER, can be any
character string ***
user_name varchar(80)
password varchar(80)

The second table is

user_id varchar(80) Foreign Key UserInfo
property_name varchar(50)
property_value varchar(50)

the corresponding bean class is
public class User
public String user_id;
public String user_name;
public String password;

public List listUserProperties;

// and the corresponding getters and setters.

I have one API which retrives the records between specified range from
the database.
Here I am using Ibatis as data mapper between firebird and java

public List getProperties(int fromRecord, int toRecord)
List list =

Datatabase Data

userId userName password
===== ======= =======
ABC Test Test
DEF Test2 Test2

userId propertyName propertyValue
==== ========== ==========
ABC Country YYYY
DEF null null

Now my query should be able to take the parameters from the user and
shoul retrive
the users with in the specified range.

The query is

select FIRST n SKIP m * from UserInfo u left outer join
userPropertyInfo up on u.userId=up.userId;

when the user invoke the API - getPropertie(1,2)

The query is retriving

ABC Test Test City XXXX
ABC Test Test Country YYYY

but my requirement is regardless of how many properties the user has,
all properties should be displayed as a single row. So for the above
API, it should retrieve

ABC Test Test City XXXX Country
YYYY (The join should be displed in a single row instead of diferent

DEF Test2 Test2 null null

is this possible in Firebird.....

Thanks n Regards,

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