Subject Re: Incorrect handling of null within view
Author Adam
> Dmitry Yemanov wrote:
> A simple view (without expressions) inherits its domain definitions
from the
> underlying tables. In your case, column B is based on domain D
which is
> defined as NOT NULL. Hence SQLVAR also carries the NOT NULL flag
and ISQL
> displays zero instead of NULL. Just for the record, IBExpert shows
> correct result.

So is the bug in iSQL rather than the engine or is IBExpert just
smart enough to do a substitute?

I suspect it the latter because IBConsole, IBPlanalyzer and
FlameRobin behave the same as iSQL.

Dmitry Yemanov wrote:
> But anyway, it's a bug (and a very old one). Could you please
register it in
> the tracker?

No problems. Will do now.