Subject Re: [firebird-support] Incorrect handling of null within view
Author Dmitry Yemanov
"Adam" <s3057043@...> wrote:
> I have what I believe may be a bug with null in a view in Firebird
> 1.5.3 (though happy to be proven incorrect). If within a view one uses
> a left outer join and returns a field from the right table (defined as
> a domain with a not null constraint), the view incorrectly returns a 0
> instead of <null>.

A simple view (without expressions) inherits its domain definitions from the
underlying tables. In your case, column B is based on domain D which is
defined as NOT NULL. Hence SQLVAR also carries the NOT NULL flag and ISQL
displays zero instead of NULL. Just for the record, IBExpert shows the
correct result.

But anyway, it's a bug (and a very old one). Could you please register it in
the tracker?