Subject RE: [firebird-support] Badly need your Help-Very urgent
Author Graeme Edwards
My guess would be more along the lines of

Select * from user left outer join userproperties on . where user.userid in
(Select first 21 skip 19 userID from User)



2006/7/25, rambabu.piridi@ <>
<rambabu.piridi@ <>>:
> I have two tables. User and User Properties.
> I am doing table "User" left outer join Table "UserProperties".
> but i want to do the join some thing like this:
> Select rows from 20 to 40 from table User and then doing the join with
> these rows with the table UserProperties.
> Can you please suggest the query for this.


select first 21 skip 19 * from user left outer join userproperties [...]

Work for you?

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