Subject Re: [firebird-support] Strange connection problem
Author Daniel Albuschat
2006/7/25, Tim <tim@...>:
> Hi all,
> we have a very strange problem. We have two machines (A and B) with
> the DB server running on A. We are running IB 6. This is running very
> well on numerous other sites, so we doubt whether the problem has
> anything to do with IB per se (rather than FB). Each machine in
> running Windows XP SP 2 with hyper threading disabled.
> When machine A is rebooted, machine B loses the DB connection. All
> well and good, and to be expected. However - even when we wait for 4
> or 5 minutes after the server has re - started, and then re - start
> the application (on machine B) that uses IB, the connection still
> fails - repeatedly. (There is a software loop that tries repeatedly
> to re - connect or allows the user to exit)
> However, it does - after several re - tries - eventually connect.
> Once it IS connected, there's no problem.

What about first testing whether the network connection works *at all*? (ping)
And logging the connection error messages would be useful, too.
There are a thousands things that could go wrong here, Start with the
basics and work up the networks layer step by step.
Perhaps the firebird server is started after 5 minutes after the reboot
because another service that is in the bootup queue tries to do something
and times out. It could even be a firewall problem. I've seen this happening
already: The firewall takes an insane amount of time to start (sometimes 10
minutes) and before it starts there's no network connection possible whatsoever.

You have to do more thorough testing here before anyone can help you.

Daniel Albuschat

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