Subject Re: SQL error code = -303 using MSQuery
Author johnbbishop
--- In, bill_lam <bill_lam@...> wrote:
> For odbc, you may use odbc escape sequence, like
> eg. "update acctfl set invoicedate = {d '2000-01-01'}" for date only
field. The
> odbc driver should translate to the correct format for you.
> regards,
> bill

Thanks Bill

I was trying to use just standard the MS Query so my customers could
use it, however looks like I am going to have to write some code.

Using MS Query you can set a filter as a variable by putting it in []
(eg [Enter start date])

When the query is run the user is prompted to enter a date in a field
with "Enter start date" as the title. This is where the problem lies.
Any date entered in the field throws an error - either incorrect date
syntax or error code -303.

I did get it working one time at one customer's site, however I can't
replicate it and always get an error now.