Subject Re: [firebird-support] Embedded server and Win98 problems
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

> I've created an application, using the Delphi IntraWeb components, and the latest version of FireBird embedded server.
> On Windows 2000 and on Windows XP the application, using embedded server, the application runs fine directly from CD-R. I've tested it several PC's with WinXP or Win2000 (without FireBird installed).
> On Win98, second edition, I get the following error message: InterBase library gds32.dll not found in the path.
> I use the IBX 7.08 drivers. The "Database:" in TIBDatabase is the phisical database name only (without indication of any drive or folder). I renamed fbembed.dll to gds32.dll and both gds32.dll (the renamed fbembed.dll) and the database (the .gdb) file is in the CD's root. The connection is "local".
> I followed the steps on P757 in "The FireBird Book". I also tried "DatabaseAccess = Full" in firebird.conf
> How can I get the application to reconize gds32.dll (the renamed fbembed.dll) in the CD's root when using Win98 ?
> I do not want to install the database engine because the application MUST be able to run directly from CD. This application is distributed to some African countries where some PC's are old and disk drives may be full.

Perhaps the Windows 98 installation does not have the following DLLs (or
out-dated versions)?


Btw, they will be installed with the regular Firebird Server
installation, but AFAIR they aren't included in the Embedded Server

You can grep them from the ZIP distribution of the regular Firebird
Server, copy them into your embedded server directory and see if this helps.

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