Subject Low CPU usage on Linux
Author Mirek B.

we are running Firebird SS on SUSE 10 (32-bit, kernel
2.6.13-15-smp) on our production server. The CPU usage of the fbserver
process is always 5-6% at most, and there is no other bottleneck I know of.

This is mostly apparent when doing a backup, and server being completely
idle otherwise, or when pulling several tens of megabytes worth of blobs
out of the database. It's just slow as hell. Doing (re)nice on fbserver
doesn't help at all.

Our database is rather large, mostly raw data, and it's huge pain in the
ass to do a backup on demand, since it can take several hours for a 2GB
database to backup. When we run the same database on a Windows box, it
works maybe ten times faster.

I did some STFW on the subject, but suprisingly found nothing. Is there
any way to increase the usage of CPU? Could upgrading or moving to
classic help?

// mirek