Subject Re: [firebird-support] UUDIs/GUIDs and problem with uuidlib
Author Frank Schlottmann-Goedde
Daniel Albuschat schrieb:
> 2006/7/18, lutterot <lutteroth@...>:
>> Hello!
>> I need to use UUDIs/GUIDs as primary keys in my DB and was trying to
>> generate/convert them with the uuidlib UDF library available on
>> IBPhoenix.
> Don't do this. It's fine to have a UUID as a separate, unique field
> but having it
> as a primary key is not good, not at all.

We use reverse guids (char(36)) as primary keys for about two years now
and it's working. Why do you think that there are problems?

It's really great for replication and combining databases.
No relevant speed impact.


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