Subject UUDIs/GUIDs and problem with uuidlib
Author lutterot

I need to use UUDIs/GUIDs as primary keys in my DB and was trying to
generate/convert them with the uuidlib UDF library available on

Unfortunately, this library has a problem when converting between its
UUIDs (which are represented as CHAR(22)) an the common textual GUIDs
(CHAR(36)). When I generate a UUID and use UUID_TO_GUID to get the
corresponding GUID, and then GUID_TO_UUID to get the original UUID,
then I do not get the UUID that I generated in the first place.

Is there another library available that can deal with this issue? Or
do you have any other solutions (maybe a newer uuidlib version)?

I am using C# for this project and was thinking about creating GUID
UDFs in C#, but unfortunately there seems to be hardly any
documentation on implementing UDFs with .net.

Thank you,