Subject Re: Exception when restoring
Author Adam
--- In, "Ed Dressel" <Dressel@...> wrote:
> > After backup and restore of during the restore?
> shows in IBE when I do a restore of a database.
> > What are you doing at
> > the time?
> Restore.
> > If you are setting an index to be inactive, then that index
> > is actually supporting a primary key constraint and so can not be
> > deactivated.
> Nope--don't do anything with this.
> > The only way to rebuild it is to first drop the
> > constraint, although given it is just restored, is there a need to
> > rebuild it, it should be nicely balanced?
> So there is no problem, just a message? ignore it?

Well error messages during a restore is never something you should ignore.

Try using gbak to restore with -v option to output the progress and
see if there is some corruption in the backup file.