Subject Re: [firebird-support] UUDIs/GUIDs and problem with uuidlib
Author Daniel Albuschat
2006/7/18, firebird@... <firebird@...>:

> > 2006/7/18, lutterot <lutteroth@...>:
> > > Hello!
> > >
> > > I need to use UUDIs/GUIDs as primary keys in my DB and was trying to
> > > generate/convert them with the uuidlib UDF library available on
> > > IBPhoenix.
> >
> > Don't do this. It's fine to have a UUID as a separate, unique field
> > but having it
> > as a primary key is not good, not at all.
> >
> Because...?

Sorry, I stand corrected. I've searched for UUID-related threads in my
email-archive and
found a very similar discussion. You can read it online here:
The gurus said, it's no big deal to have a CHAR(22) primary-key.
Following my common sense, I thought it'd slow down things, but this seems to be
*not* true.
I think this thread might be an interesting read to the OP, too.

Daniel Albuschat
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