Subject Re: FB_LOCK_PRINT Doesn't Run on Win2003 Server using FB 1.5.3 Classic
Author ianbillups
Hi Adam,

>> Can someone please prove me wrong by saying "Yes, I can run
>> FB_LOCK_PRINT on Win2003 Server using FB 1.5.3 Classic"?

> Never really needed to play with it, is there any particular
> switches you are attempting you want me to try?
> ___
> Win2003 FB 1.5.3 CS using Terminal Services:
> C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_1_5\bin>fb_lock_print
> Unable to read lock table version 0.
> ___

Thanks for trying it: you're seeing the same problem as we
are, which is reassuring. We're pretty confident now that the
tool simply doesn't work on this platform, and so far no-one
has disagreed.

We didn't try different switches--we guessed that if the tool
can't read the lock table then it's not going to be much use!