Subject RE: [firebird-support] FB_LOCK_PRINT Doesn't Run on Win2003 Server using FB 1.5.3 Classic
Author Alan McDonald
> The subject says it all, really.
> We've tried several Win2003 machines, and different user credentials
> (thanks to Michael Weissenbacher for his help), but we really can't
> make it run :-(
> Can someone please prove me wrong by saying "Yes, I can run
> FB_LOCK_PRINT on Win2003 Server using FB 1.5.3 Classic"?
> Thanks!
> Ian.

you're aware of this?
"quoting a previous message...
This problem occurs because the lockfile was created by the SYSTEM and
I try to access it as Admin user under w2k.
solution is run fb_lock_print with the same user credentials
the server was started with."