Subject Re: Optimizing a subquery
Author Ali Gökçen
Hi Mr. Kokok

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> Yes, it is correct, I need to show the percentage of sales over the
> total of all customers.
> Sales field is the total for one customer.
> At the end, I want to show:
> Customer Id
> Customer Sales
> % of Customer Sales / Total Sales for all customers
> Thank you

You can't do it with a single query,
only redkit shoots before his shadow.

you need to calculete sum of sales before customer rows.

write a SP:

create procedure salesrates ..

returns customer_id ..., sales ..., total_sales ...


select sum(sales) from customers into :total_sales;

for select customer_id,sales from customers into :customer_id,:sales
do suspend;


thats all, you can use it in any reporter as a table:

select * from mysalesrates()