Subject Re: Super Server running as an application
Author westley52
"FB 1.5 or 2.0? Do you have a Firebird registry entry?"

I apologize, I should have specified earlier. I am running FB 2.0
beta 3. I was having the same issue with beta 2.

If I run instreg - this does solve the problem. However, I was trying
to avoid running as a service and also avoid hitting the registry. If
I have to do the registry, I will, but for a variety of reasons, I was
trying to avoid it.

The following documentation in the README_installation.txt seems to
indicate that I shouldn't need the registry entry for the server to
find the appropriate install directory.

Thanks for your reply.

2.3. Simplified setup

If you don't need a registered service, then you may avoid running
both instreg.exe and instsvc.exe. In this case you should just unzip
the archive into a separate directory and run the server:
fbserver.exe -a
It should treat its parent directory as a root directory in this