Subject Problem with not in queries in Firebird 2.0 RC3
Author Graeme Edwards
I apologise for posting this here but I can't seem to find the documentation
about how to report

a bug in Firebird 2.0.

I have just installed the latest release of Firebird 2 Release Candidate 3
SuperServer version on

Windows XP.

It appears to me that if I now attempt to run a query with a not in clause

Eg. Select * from a where fielda not in (Select fieldb from b)

that the query does not complete and the firebird server starts utilizing
97-99% of CPU activity

possibly for hours, until I manually kill it.

In running the query from IBExpert, the program freezes until the server is
halted from the

Windows Service console. At that stage it returns the query plan to

If this is a generic bug it should be easy for other users to confirm. I did
try it with 2 databases

and with 2 or so different queries in each one.

Graeme Edwards

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