Subject Re: [firebird-support] Multiple Database Connection
Author Max Renshaw-Fox
The basic issue here is that you want to move the data result locally
inside a query (that's all mySQL is doing) firebird doesn't support that
(for good reasons imho).

So you have 3 options:

1. replicate the data - advantage: you have all the data locally so query
is easy - disadvantage: you replicate all the data even if you only need a

2. use a tool that does heterogenous joins - effectively it copies the
tables locally and then joins them - advantage: it's easy - disadvantage:
it is unworkable with large datasets.

3. query each database in your application and join the results locally -
advantage: you only move the data you want (eg if you've got sales
transactions this will work well) - disadvantage: you have to know the
subset for each database in advance.


> i said "my local/server computer." server means anywhere.!
> duplication/replication is real solution ?
> i know in MySQL, SELECT .......... FROM db1.table1,db2.table1 etc..
> i think its best solution but mysql not really RDMS.! except 5 version.
> it is a firebird problem multiple connection or not?
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>>> It's not solution and basic..:(
>>> like that, db1 one in paris, db2 in bonn, db3 in london, db4 in
>>> tokyo etc..
>>> Niko