Subject Re: Reached the end of the file ???
Author Zoran Zivkovic
--- In, "Zoran
Zivkovic" <zilez2003@...> wrote:
> I use IB 6.01 for many year, and this morning I have a problem:
> - Database can't be backed up
> - Cannot read tables
> -...
> everywhere I find the error
> "Reached the end of the file"
> I suppose that error is made by OS ? Database was on Win98 PC,
> writes on , super server. if someone need more details, I can
> I don't need coments "you should use linux, it is more stable", I
> need help to solve the problem.
> Regards
> Zile

OK, we have good backup from 29.6.2006, so we will retype everything
for friday and saturday. Todays not working will cost company about
2.500 Euro. I would be happy to know what can cause such problem. The
back up from Friday evening is only 10MB big (instead 150MB). So
problem hapened on Friday, 30.6.2006!!! Anyway, on Saturday,
1.7.2006, everything worked fine, except they couldn't do backup at
all, at the end of the day.

Today, there are many errors in database.

If anybody know what could be the problem, please advice. I would
really like to avoid these situations in the future. This is 3rd time
in 5 years that we have problem with database (our mistake or not),
and almost every time company loses money because we could't restore
back up from day before.