Subject Re: Append data to existing BLOBs
Author mauleen2006
As you mentioned about the .Net List. I was unable to find the API
you are referring to, so if you could please send me the exact link.

Thank you,

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> mauleen2006 wrote:
> > Version of Firebird i am using :-Firebird 2.00 Release
Candidate 2
> > I am using ADO.NET as data provider with VB.NET and embedded
> > server db. When I try to copy large files into blobs I get a out of
> > memory exception. I have tried following approaches.
> >
> Check with the .NET list (firebird-net-provider@...).
> The underlying API allows you to create a blob and store a series of
> segments to the blob. That should be visible through the .NET
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> Ann