Subject Append data to existing BLOBs
Author mauleen2006
Version of Firebird i am using :-Firebird 2.00 Release Candidate 2
I am using ADO.NET as data provider with VB.NET and embedded
server db. When I try to copy large files into blobs I get a out of
memory exception. I have tried following approaches.

Inserting BLOB data using byte array, filestream, binaryreader.

I am thinking of storing data in chunks like we used to do in VB
using appendchunk and getchunk. However, VB.NET does not support
these methods.

Is there a way to append data to exsisting BLOBs(in the new version
Firebird 2.00 Release Candidate 2)? or any other "textptr" type
function as available with SQL Server to get a pointer of BLOB?

Thank you,