Subject Re: GDS32.dll Error?
Author Adam
--- In, "jj_poland" <jj_poland@...>
> Hello ...
> The following error occurs in gds32.dll:
> 2006-06-30 12:04:28 Exception EAccessViolation occured in
> gds__to_sqlda at 0 in file
> Message: Access violation at address 100359A6 in module 'gds32.dll'.
> Read of address 1525F0CC
> Call stack:
> [100359A6] gds__to_sqlda
> [004042E7] System.@HandleAnyException
> This error doesn't come from my application I think.
> It looks like exception is raised during normal comunication beetween
> fbserver and gds32.dll ... some message arrives from server that is
> not properly handled by gds ?
> Program after this exception freezes ;(

gds32.dll is the client library (same as fbclient.dll except some
version strings have been changed to trick some components into
thinking it is an interbase 6 or higher server).

The client library is the 'middle man', your application talks to this
library, and the library talks to the database engine through whatever
means (TCP/IP, Local Server , whatever)/

Check gds32.dll is the right one from the version of Firebird you have
installed, not some old legacy one that may be installed with Delphi
or some other IDE.

If that looks OK, then you really must provide more information. The
only thing we can deduce is that you are running some form of Windows
or WINE, but details of both client and server OS versions, Firebird
version and build, and something useful like when this exception is
raised (at connection, after running a query, or whenever). Until we
have some more background, the best we can do is an uneducated guess.