Subject different character in procedure body and in SQL CREATE PROCEDURE statement
Author vincent_kwinsey
I am issuing SQL CREATE PROCEDURE in program from TIBSQL components
(using TIBDatabase instance with charset - none and also database
charset is null (from rdb$database)) where in the body of this
procedure I am using literal with character beynod ASCII first half
(i.e. with accents and so on, and also like 'âçî' and so on)...

Strange thing is that in some databases I there is the expected
literals in created procedure body and in some databases not. Charsets
for both databases are the same and there is also no diffrenece in
rdb$procedures field types (as I heard - each field can override
charset and collation)... What can cause this problem?

There are indeed different hex values for characted as I can see from
IB Expert in rdb$procedures.rdb$procedure_source.

Thanks for any hint in advance!